By Hilary Spence

ISBN-10: 0572035284

ISBN-13: 9780572035280

The enjoyable of naming your child. ahead of you dedicate your baby to a reputation for all times, flick through this ebook. ceremonial dinner your mind's eye on an enormous diversity of selections from the fashionable to the conventional, and from the preferred to the delicate. You by no means observed such a lot of how you can christen your child with kind and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this e-book.

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Bathsheba was the wife of King David in Biblical times (Batsheva) Batilda see Bathilda Batista see Baptista Bea see Beata or Beatrice Beata (Latin) 'Blessed, divine one', 'blessed and beloved of God' (Bea) Beathag see Sophia Beatrice (Latin) 'She who brings joy' (Bea, Beatrix, Bee, Beitris, Trix, Trixie, Trixy) Bebba (Swiss from Hebrew) 'God's oath' Bebhin see Bevin Becca see Rebecca Becky see Rebecca Beda (Anglo-Saxon) 'Warrior maiden' Bedelia (Celtic) 'Mighty' (Delia) Bee see Beatrice Behira (Hebrew) 'Brilliant' Beka (Hebrew) 'Half-sister' Bel see Arabella or Isabel Bela (Slavonic) 'White' Belda (French) 'Beautiful lady' Belicia (Spanish) 'Dedicated to God' Belinda (Italian) 'Wise and immortal beauty' (Bella, Belle, Linda, Lindie, Lindy) see also Linda Beline (French/Old German) 'Goddess' Belisama (Latin) Roman divinity like Minerva, goddess of wisdom Belita (Spanish from Latin) 'Beautiful' Bella see Annabelle, Arabella, Belinda, Clarabella or Isabel Bellance (Italian) 'Blonde beauty' (Blanca) Belle (French) 'Beautiful woman'.

Feminine of Benedict (Benedetta, Benecia, Benedikta, Benita, Bennie, Benoite, Binnie, Dixie) Benedikta see Benedicta Benigna (Latin) 'Gentle, kind and gracious'. A great lady Benilda (Latin) 'Well-intentioned' Benita (Spanish) 'Blessed'. (Benitia) see also Benedicta Benoite see Benedicta Berdine (Teutonic) 'Glorious one' Berengaria (Teutonic) 'Spearer of bears'. A warrior huntress of renown Berit (Teutonic) 'Glorious' Berlynn (English) Combination of Bertha and Lynn (Berlin, Berlyn) Bernadette (French) 'Brave as a bear' (Berna, Bernadene, Bernadina, Bernadine, Bernardina, Berneta, Berney, Bernie, Bernita) Berneen (Celtic) 'Little one, brave as a bear' Bernessa (Teutonic) 'With the heart of a bear' Bernia (Latin) 'Angel in armour' (Bernie) Bernice (Greek) 'Herald of victory' (Berenice, Berny, Bunny, Burnice, Veronica) Bernie see Bernadette or Bernia Berri see Beryl Bertha (Teutonic) 'Bright and shining'.

As blithe as a bird see also Alegria Allene see Alena Alloula see Alula Ally see Alice Allyson see Alison Alma (Latin) 'Cherishing spirit'. Popular in Britain after the Battle of Alma in the Crimean War Almeda (Latin) 'Ambitious' (Almeta) Almira (Arabic) 'Truth without question', 'princess' (Almeira, Almeria, Elmira) Alodie (Anglo-Saxon) 'Wealthy, prosperous' (Alodia) Aloha (Hawaiian) 'Greetings'. A romantic name from the Hawaiian islands Aloisa (Teutonic) 'Feminine' Alonza see Alphonsine Alpha (Greek) 'First one'.

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