By Joan Didion

ISBN-10: 0307787591

ISBN-13: 9780307787590

Writing with the telegraphic swiftness and microscopic sensitivity that experience made her one in all our so much exotic reporters, Joan Didion creates a shimmering novel of innocence and evil.A booklet of universal Prayer is the tale of 2 American ladies within the derelict significant American country of Boca Grande. Grace Strasser-Mendana controls a lot of the country's wealth and is familiar with almost all of its secrets and techniques; Charlotte Douglas understands a ways too little. "Immaculate of background, blameless of politics," she has come to Boca Grande vaguely and vainly hoping to be reunited along with her fugitive daughter. As imagined through Didion, her destiny is straight away completely specific and fearfully emblematic of an age of conscienceless authority and unfathomable violence.

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And Isabelle (“Belle”) Moodie Frost, a teacher and a native of Leith, Scotland, who came to America at the age of twelve. His mother had had some reservations about marrying William Frost (see Frost’s poem “The Lovely Shall Be Choosers”), with good reason. A devout Presbyterian, Belle Frost became a Swedenborgian in San Francisco under the influence of her reading of Emerson. 2 Her husband, an outstanding scholar at Harvard, had also become “a successful poker player, a heavy drinker, and a frequenter of brothels” during his college years, and during the Civil War, he had tried to join the Confederate Army to rebel against his parents (he would later name his son Robert Lee).

Is that his poetry is so public, so accurately a picture of the world we live in, that it scarcely resembles anything we have every known” (Crase 30–31). , exemplary” (FC 135). One “distilled” experience repeatedly presented in Ashbery’s poetry is a rural childhood, among farms and old family homes. Some of his most intense and lyrical poetry arises from this experience. Like Ashbery, many Americans have left a rural family home, in the process of growing up and moving to cities—as individuals and as a nation.

Frost, like some other Americans who gained title to land under the Homestead Act, sold the farm as soon as he legally could, to finance another new venture: the launch of his poetic career. But first, from 1901 to 1906, Frost gave himself to the land with some ambivalence, at his grandfather’s invitation and rather at his insistence. And gradually, the Derry farm, and the fading rural life it seemed to exemplify, made Frost into its poet. His grandfather’s will effected a reversal of fortune for Frost.

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