By Klaus K. Klostermaier

ISBN-10: 1851681752

ISBN-13: 9781851681754

With entries on every thing from Manu to Gandhi and the Ramesvaram to the Himalayas, this is often a useful reference booklet.

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Sacred ashes play a great role in Hinduism. ŸAIVITES besmear their bodies with ashes. The famous SATHYA SAI BABA creates and distributes ashes which are said to be efficacious in healing all kinds of diseases of body and mind. ashram See ÄŸRAMA (1). äÿirväda (‘blessing’, ‘benediction’) A ritual performed in temples on visitors by the officiating priests. asmitä (‘I-ness’, egoism) One of the forms of AVIDYÄ, which has to be eradicated before one can make spiritual progress. ) A class of people ranking below the ŸÜDRAS.

Asteya (‘not-stealing’) One of the basic commandments of Hindu ethics. Steya (stealing) was considered a grave sin (MAHÄ-PÄTAKA) only when it involved a large amount of goods (especially gold) stolen from a brahmin. The penalty for this was death. Taking food and other necessities of life was not considered theft. e. one who accepts the VEDA as normative, an adherent of one of the socalled ‘orthodox six systems’, namely: NYÄYA, VAIŸEÆIKA, SÄßKHYA, YOGA, PÜRVA MÏMÄßSÄ and VEDÄNTA (2)). ) astrology (jyoti•a, literally ‘light-science’) Astrology, which also includes astromnomy, considered a science, has played a great role in Hinduism since ancient times.

50,000), one of the seven ancient holy cities of India, the others being Väräæasï, Mathurä, Hardwar, Dväraka, Käñcïpura and Ujjainï. It has been associated since antiquity with Räma’s capital. A place of pilgrimage and of monastic Hindu establishments, it gained notoriety through the demolition of the Babri Masjid by Hindu activists in December 1992, which provoked the worst Hindu–Muslim rioting since independence all over India as well as in Pakistan and Bangladesh. äyurveda (‘life knowledge’) The system of indigenous Indian medicine.

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