By Anne Perry

ISBN-10: 0307767787

ISBN-13: 9780307767783

Prudence Barrymore, a skilled nurse who had labored with Florence Nightingale within the Crimea, is located strangled to loss of life in a London health center. inner most inquiry agent William Monk is engaged to enquire this terrible crime. progressively, Monk assembles the portrait of a striking girl. but he additionally discerns the shadow of a sad evil and a daunting glimmer of his personal eclipsed prior . . .

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I, meanwhile, removed an imposing pocket pistol I was certain always to have about me and pointed it directly toward her. “You’ll excuse the ruse, madam,” I said. ” “You bastardly gullion,” she breathed. Even in the dark, I could see her eyes shifting as she calculated. Who was I? What was my business? How might she gain the advantage? I held the pistol in my steady hand. My face bespoke calm and determination.

I forced my face to conform to the rigid angles of impartiality. ” Balfour knew more about my family than I knew about his, and I saw that as a disadvantage, so, already in an agitated state of mind, I proceeded at the slowest of paces. ” Balfour held up his hand, as though the idea of self-murder might be ordered away. “I know what the papers reported,” he snapped, spittle flying from his mouth, “and I know what the coroner said, yet I promise you something is amiss here. At the time of my father’s death, his estate was revealed to be quite broken, yet only weeks before he told me himself that he had been profiting in his speculation, taking advantage of the fluctuation in the markets caused by the rivalries between the Bank of England and the South Sea Company.

Wild appeared to work magic for the countless victims of robberies about London, for he could discover the whereabouts of nearly every thief in the city, and he could recover almost any stolen item. As we know now, and as many of us knew at the time, Jonathan Wild could do all of these things because there was hardly a prig in London who was not in his employ. When a man discovered an article had been stolen, he frequently found it more convenient to pay the same thieves to return the item than to hire a man such as myself who could offer no guarantees of retrieval.

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