By G.M. Crean,M. Locatelli,J. McGilp

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From the sample thickness and the delay between different echoes, the longi­ tudinal and shear wave velocities are deduced (Fig. 1): VL=2e/AtL Vs = 2e/Ats where AtL and A*s are the propagation times of the longitudinal and shear waves respectively in the sample and e is the sample thickness. For the sample of sintered a-SiC the velocities obtained are F L =(12400±100)ms- 1 F s = (7800±100)ms- 1 These values are in good agreement with those obtained by other authors (Table 1). 5 mm. In fact, for thin and deposited materials having high acoustic velocities, echoes reflected by the surface and the interface interfere with each other and make it impossible to determine the time of propagation in the material.

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Piezoelectricity in the PZT film was then achieved by electric poling between the inner and the outer electrodes. The cross-section of a PZTcoated alumel wire with a diameter of 250 jum and that of a glass fiber of 125 jum diameter with a gold coating of thickness 15 jum is shown in Figs. 5(a) and 5(b) respectively. For further illus­ tration only PZT-coated alumel wire is utilized. At the present time the thickness of the PZT coating along an alumel wire of length 200 mm ranges from 6 to 10 fxm.

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