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BIBLIOGRAPHY Fairhead, N. "A Cat ani an Follis of Anastasius I I " , Numismatic Circular, 8 8 : 1 2, 1 980, pp. 444-45 . O ' Hara, M . D. and I . Vecchi o "A find o f Byzantine Silver from the Mint of Rome for the period A . D. 64 1 - 7 5 2 " , Swiss Numismatic Review, 64, 1 98 5 , pp. 1 05 - 1 40 . Protonotarios, P. "A Semissis of the Emperor Artemius Anastasiu s " , Numismatic Circular, 7 9 : 1 0, 1 97 1 , p . 3 6 3 .

Metcalf, William E. "The Joint Reign Gold of Justin I and Justinian I", Studies in Early Byzan tine Gold Coinage, ANS Numismatic Studies 1 7, New York, 1 988, pp. 1 9-27. A. Justin the First, An Introduction to the Epoch of Justinian the Great, Dumbarton Oaks Studies I, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1950. 36 Originally known as Peter, the nephew of Justin I was born in 11lyria in AD 483. He was renamed J u stinian and became a trusted advisor upon his uncle's accession, as well as heir to the throne.

Connell has pointed this out most graphically in his article "Icon of Christ on coins of John VIII is remarkable for its abstract imagery", The Celator, 5:12, December, 1 99 1 . " Clearly, this is the ultimate in beauty-by some peoples' standards. Drawing by Christopher T. Connell AR stavraton of John VIII created from 3 circles, 2 semicircles and 30 lines 23 Imperial Dress The subject of imperial dress is complex, and it is not possible to fully explain here the many nuances nor the lengthy evolution of various gar­ ments as bearers of meaning.

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