By Thomas J Sienkewicz

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Influence In creating a system of philosophy both admired and hated, Epicurean thought remained an important intellectual current throughout the Western world until the fall of the Roman Empire. It had a profound effect on individuals such as the poets Lucretius and Vergil, and philosopher Lucian, and it forced opponents, especially the Stoics, to address its arguments. Even Saint Augustine noted in his Confessiones (397-400; Confessions, 1620) that he would have been an Epicurean if Epicureans did not deny the immortality of the soul.

Several versions of Empedocles’ death have survived: He hanged himself; he fell and broke his thigh; he fell from a ship and was drowned. , one version superseded all others: He disappeared in a brilliant light when a voice called his name. The best-known version, however, is that made famous by Matthew Arnold in his poem Empedocles on Etna (1852), in which Empedocles jumped into the crater of the volcano, apparently to prove that he was immortal. Influence In many ways, Empedocles influenced medieval and Renaissance conceptions of science and anticipated modern theories.

353 Eleusinian Mysteries Significance The Eleusinian Mysteries offered the hope of a happy afterlife to its initiates for over one thousand years. In some ways, it bore similarities to other Greek festivals such as the Thesmophoria (which also included the sacrifice of piglets), and in some it foreshadowed the promises of Christianity. This was probably one source of the hostility exhibited toward the mysteries by early Christians. The festival also transcended the strictly local nature of most ancient cults, eventually drawing initiates from throughout the Mediterranean world.

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