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He served as a general in 424 BC and was subsequently exiled at the end of that year following an unlucky expedition in northern Greece against the very able Spartan commander Brasidas. During his exile in Thrace, where his family had connections and property, he compiled his history of the war. His exile, he claims, gave him opportunities for appreciating the point of view of each of the combatants. An unfinished work (it breaks off amid the events of 411 BC), A History of the Peloponnesian War is our most important single source for the 5th century BC.

The speeches are a particular problem. Thucydides says he wrote what he could remember of the speeches that he heard, but also wrote what seems likely to have been said on an occasion. This important work is available both in Penguin and Loeb editions, although the translation by Richard Crawley in the Everyman's Library edition is much better. 428-355 BC) An Athenian-born soldier-of-fortune, historian and essayist, Xenophon is an extremely useful, though generally much underrated, author. His extant works are available in Penguin and Loeb editions and include accounts of the Spartan constitution, as well as his own military exploits as a mercenary.

Of significance is the fact that the events narrated occurred in the author's own lifetime. Moreover, he was present (accompanying his close friend Agesilaos, king of Sparta) during several of the campaigns he describes. His other extant works also include the brilliant account of his adventures with the Ten Thousand (Anabasis). The quarterdeck ladder and gangway on Olympias. The bo'sun stood in the gangway, midway along, and called out instructions to the oarsmen. He had the help of the bow officer, while a piper kept time on a shrill double pipe.

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